easy Impact communication

Welcome to Easy Impact Communication – a tailor-made content series for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. This series helps you take your communications plan to the next level – without stress and strain.

why you need communications

1. get the word out

You have created an amazing product or service. But the world won’t find out about it on its own. Efficient communications help you spread the word.

2. serve your customers

Communications and marketing don’t only get you clients – they help you serve them better and transform one-time clients into loyal customers.

3. peak investors' interest

A well-defined communications strategy and the visibility that comes with it, will convince the funders and investors to put their faith in you.

4. gain credibility

Communication improves your credibility and allows you to position yourself as a relevant actor in your industry.

And the easy way to get there

avoid these 4 beginners’ mistakes

Find out which mistakes most entrepreneurs make when telling the world about their company – and how to avoid them.

create a simple strategy

Every company needs a communications strategy. It can be drafted in a couple of hours but it will save you days of work. 

Get to know your numbers

Start your communications by sharing your key figures. How to gather data from day one and which numbers to focus on?

master the art of storytelling

Facts tell, stories sell. Every piece of content can be transformed into a story with these simple techniques – try them out!

draft an impact report of your first year

End your year strongly by creating an impactful impact report. These tools help you do that without a big budget or a communications team. 

FAQ & additional resources

Still have questions? Find here the answers and additional resources that will help you navigate your communications journey.

Uplevel your social media game and never lose another follower to competition again.

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