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How setting up a solid writing strategy and creating quality content has helped my clients reach their goals – and can help you and your team reach oyurs, too!

Grow your business through article and website copywriting

Make your business shine with a well-written website

I’m so glad I decided to work with Pauliina on my website – she was amazing. She was a master at helping me tease out just the right messages to deliver. If you’re looking for help with communications in your business, I can only recommend you give Pauliina a call.”

Janene Liston

Pricing Consultant, The Pricing Lady

Gain a fresh perspective with an external writer

Pauliina’s help in copywriting was like a breath of fresh air on our content.
Looking at things from a new perspective, she captures the brand message and tone of voice easily. Working with her has helped our team communicate our mission  in a clear and engaging way.”
Sarah Meier

Founder & CEO, parents@work

connect with clients through case studies

SaaS company Teamup wished to illustrate the value of their service to potential clients through a client case study.

Blog articles to grow your audience

Surveyeah, a global consumer survey and marketing research platform, wanted to attract more visitors with quality articles on their blog.

“Thanks to consistent blog content, we have 52% more unique website visitors and the page views have grown by 250%. Visitors spend more time on the site than before, the conversion rate is up and the bounce rate is down.”

Nicolò Fisogni

CEO & Founder, Surveyeah

Connect with an international audience

Architecture company Masini Studio creates luxurious bespoke projects for an international clientele. Hence, they needed an English version of the website content based on the existing French site, to communicate their vision.


Add value through blog articles

Improving productivity is at the heart of the mission of the  SaaS platform Teamup, and this blog article series adds value to readers while highlighting the unique features of the product. Have a look at two examples below!

Wonderful copywriter

I’ve been really impressed by Pauliina’s work as a copywriter. She not only produces excellent content (articles and social media posts) with a strategic focus but also knows how to adopt a relevant style and build in natural links to a clear call-to-action – which is not easy to do.”

Melitta Campbell

Business coach for female entrepreneurs

Grow the Social Media Audience through a Strong Strategy

“Pauliina came in to support our Social Media communication in order to increase visibility and awareness of the Foundation’s fellowship programme. Thanks to regular meetings and a solid plan we more than doubled the account follower count in six months.

Maguy Sicuro

Director of Secretariat, EILF - EASL International Liver Foundation

Tell your unique story

Rhéa Galerie, a  Zurich-based gallery displaying fine Classical, Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities has a unique approach and story. What. anadventure to share it via concise website copy!

“I highly recommend Pauliina! She did a very good job on our new website.”

Michael Petropoulos

Owner, Rhéa Galerie

Accelerated business launch with the right support

“When relaunching my team-building business post-COVID, I was busy focusing on business development and workshop delivery. I decided to outsource website writing and thought-leadership content marketing to Pauliina Rasi Communications so that I could focus my efforts as a Founder on revenue-making priorities.

Collaborating with Pauliina has saved me time (and, therefore, money) and helped accelerate the relaunch of my business. If you are also a business entrepreneur in the growth stage, where you need to make smart choices and outsource certain marketing tasks to a qualified and experienced professional, then I recommend Pauliina. She is a delight to work with, and she is fast, structured, and collaborative in her approach.”

Steph Fonteyn

Founder, Collaborative Art® Team Building

25 % more followers in 6 months

“Pauliina played a crucial role in helping us elevate HR Vaud’s LinkedIn content strategy to new heights. While we had previously engaged with our LinkedIn community and shared content on our page, we aimed to establish a deeper and more personal connection with our members and followers. Additionally, we wanted to showcase the impactful work we were doing alongside HR professionals in the region.

With her strategic superpowers, Pauliina swiftly distilled the unique essence of our association, transforming our feed into a captivating and diverse content stream. In just over six months, she helped us increase our follower count from 4,000 to 5,000. What’s even more noteworthy is that she established a consistent publishing schedule that our in-house team could seamlessly take over and continue with enthusiasm.”

Silvina Layani

Executive Committee Member, HR Vaud

Spot-on video scripts

“Collaborating with Pauliina on our video script was enjoyable and effortless! We’re impressed with her ability to capture the essential message and turn it to captivating copy – and then adjusting it to different companies and platforms.”

Naima Ahmad

CEO & Founder, FaceCraft

Better and better organised reports 

“As an advocacy organisation, publishing accurate reports is a key activity for Recourse. Pauliina Rasi and her team have played a vital role in supporting us not only in producing well-proofed reports but also in helping us to organise our publishing schedules. We have particularly appreciated their flexibility and support when timing has shifted, and their ability to provide advice to ensure we continue to improve.”

Kate Geary

Programme Director, Recourse

Quality Copy can grow your audience and business, too

testimonials – strategy & Training


Establish a communications and content strategy that supports the sales strategy and brand building in growth stage

CLIENT, a match-making platform for social value partnerships

what THE client says


Having Pauliina planning sales related communication strategy and building practices for our team for systematic content creation and digital channel distribution built a backbone to inhouse communications we have today.

She also hosted several workshops helping us to build customer personas and more focused messaging to attract customer sign ups to our platform. Her background as a journalist supported our PR efforts. I warmly recommend her services to solve various communication challenges!

Tiia Sammallahti

CEO & Founder,


Create a self-study online programme for climate organisations to support them in developing networking and relationship building skills.


Growald Climate Fund, a high-impact venture philanthropy fund catalyzing the rapid transition to a clean energy future

What the client says


“We contracted Pauliina to help us develop an easy-to-understand course on networking skills for our grantees. Not only did she deliver a well-designed course within tight timelines, but also deeply understood the finer elements of managing technical skills with genuine relationship building. The grantees really appreciated her perspectives and step-by-step approach. We intend to continue using many of the universal perspectives presented in the course in the future as well.

Working with her was a pleasure. She is super responsive, a great listener, and very professional in the deliverables. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a thought partner to help crystallize an idea and to take the idea from conceptualization all the way to execution.”

Siddharth Thakur

Organizational Development Specialist, Growald Climate fund

Clarity of messaging in less than one hour

“When I launched my new masterminds concept, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to communicate. However, I was unsure of how best to get the message across in a way that worked both for me and for my audience, so I booked a Breakthrough Session with Pauliina.

Through a few questions, Pauliina understood the strengths of the mastermind concept and the value it added and distilled them into three pillars of communication. The framework made it easy for me to keep my message clear and simple and communicate with it consistently.

Having clarity also helped me gain confidence in my message, which in turn made it easy to post actively and get my idea in front of more people.

The Breakthrough Session is a great option for anyone who knows what they want to say but struggle to find the right words to use. Share your idea with Pauliina and let her work her magic!”

Mandy Bronsil

Founder, B-Inspired

Flexibility and structure

“As a solopreneur, I used to work so hard on my marketing without getting results and turning followers into clients. I felt confused about how to direct my efforts and took dozens of online courses promising me great results.

After I started working with Pauliina, everything changed. I understand how to structure my campaigns and nurture clients. We rewrote my website to focus on my clients’ needs, and we closely analysed my social media efforts and created a plan to make them more effective.

What was especially helpful to me was the way how Pauliina broke everything down into bite-size pieces and guided me throughout the process. It is one thing to give advice and another thing to help a client accomplish the advice!

Pauliina listens carefully and comes up with many paths towards her client’s goals. I appreciate this choice and flexibility, especially as life throws curve balls and we cannot accomplish the original goals.”

Andrea Trank

Founder, Heaven Lane Healing & Creative Arts


Establish a communication and PR strategy to strengthen the professional brand and thought-leadership, reach new audiences and convert them into clients


Uncover, branding consultancy that drives change

What THE client says


“Working with Pauliina has been instrumental for gaining focus and momentum with my content creation – two things that are vital when you are in charge of your own PR and Communication activities.

Pauliina helped me to structure a realistic PR plan and create a framework to get me started (and sometimes unstuck).

As a result, my content gets done, I’ve increased my visibility in front of new audiences and had new leads coming in – and old leads are converting!

Bel Lavratti

Brand Strategist & Founder, Uncover

When I started working with Pauliina, I felt stuck and lacked inspiration. I struggled to identify topics that would resonate with different audiences in my network and I rarely published my personal opinions. 

Working with Paulina provided results very quickly. The number of weekly visits on my profile has more than doubled and my posts are generating engagement and comments. My follower base has grown organically from 1850 to over 2400 in only three months. 

I recommend working with Pauliina for professionals who want to increase their visibility on LinkedIn, either to sell their services or to share their expertise. I have increased the turnover with my clients, attracted new clients and I’m regularly approached by media and recruiters. I’m impressed with the clear and visible results we got in such a short period of time.

Olena Isaieva

Zornitsa Ivanova

Photographer, Zori Art Photography

Pauliina is a master of creating flexible, resilient, and reliable systems for marketing. She set up important content planning, production and delivery systems and strategies that continue to shape our business’ practices to this day and ones that I will take with me throughout my career.

Pauliina’s knowledge, insights and expertise was an incredibly important asset to consolidating our brand and growing our thought leadership in the sector. She was ready for any and all opportunities, projects and challenges which is incredibly important in small / growth business environments. She introduced a great balance of stability through communication and content planning systems as well as the freedom to try new and creative methods in our marketing. 

Auni Siukosaari

Communications Manager,


Establish a communication strategy that supports lead generation and grows the audience, all while remaining manageable for a small team


TS Home Decor, a sustainable home decoration and furniture company

what THE client says


I was struggling to address my dream audience and instead I was trying to please everyone. Jumping from one project to another without getting results!

Pauliina helped me clarify my communication and find my unique voice. Now I know what to do, where, when and how to express my brand through content. Thanks to consistent content creation, my Instagram and Pinterest accounts have grown!

Titi Usan

CEO & Founder, TS Home Decor


Create a content strategy and a concrete content plan which supports business goals


RyllaYoga, a yoga and mindfulness studio

What THE client says


Social media always felt like a huge set of massive swimming pools – and I didn’t know how to swim! Working with Pauliina has given me the tools I need not only to dip my toes in, but to swim with ease and grace. I needed confidence and that’s what I got. Thank you Pauliina!

Rylla Resler

Founder & Yoga Instructor, Rylla Yoga

“Pauliina was of great help with communication when I launched my natural cosmetics company &TheGreen. I was a little all over the place, but Pauliina helped me focus on one channel and came up with good ideas for newsletter content. She also helped me revise my existing website content and email campaigns. I really recommend working with her!”

Aurélia Tacchini

Founder & CEO, &TheGreen

“Pauliina helped me rework my LinkedIn landing page and increase activity on my profile. We created a strategic communications plan that I now renew weekly and follow as closely as I can. I am happy to recommend Pauliina to anyone who needs a stronger, greater presence online.

Pauliina is an experienced strategic communicator and journalist. Coupled with her expertise at handling digital platforms, Pauliina is reliable, constructive, professional and friendly and is always willing to help her clients achieve their communication objectives.”

Tony Williams

Founder & CEO, TWC Pharma Consulting

“I cannot recommend Pauliina highly enough! She’s helped me raise my profile on LinkedIn and elsewhere and guided me tofind what’s best for me and my particular business. I’ve learned a lot about creating and organizing my content from her.”

Donna Rosa

Founder & CEO, EFour Enterprises

Your audience is missing out on your content – gain clarity and confidence and convince your dream audience!

portfolio – journalism & media


Magazine article about the differences in early-stage education systems between Finland and Switzerland


Sanoma Media, one of the biggest magazine publishing houses in Finland

“Pauliina is a reliable writer who interviews experts with precision and expresses herself clearly even on complicated topics. She easily creates comprehensible texts, always having the reader at the centre.”

Sanna Huolman

Producer, Sanoma Media Finland


Create an actionable PR and media strategy for an early-stage start-up to improve visibility and gain media attention


Green Planet Astronauts, a vegan-based baby food innovator


“As a start-up with a small team, we are aiming to get more visibility in the media, but also need to manage a lot of other priorities. Thanks to working with Pauliina, we were able to establish a clear and actionable plan and priorities for different projects.”

Emmi Jalkanen

Producer, Green Planet Astronauts

Great fit for client magazines

“Pauliina understands how to combine quality journalism with the special requirements of customer magazines. Collaboration with her is always effortless: deadlines are met, the results are of high quality and it is just impossible not to get along with her!”

Anna Jalkanen

Producer, Aller Ideas


Series of travel articles targeted to quality conscious travellers and offering information and experiences for all travel-enthusiasts


Taloustaito, Finnish finance and lifestyle online magazine


Press release to announce the call for projects to find and attract the best cancidates for a new round of start-up accelerator


Accelerate2030, start-up accelerator program for companies aiming to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Special article presenting and comparing different systems in oral health care in different European countries


Finnish Dental Association, association of oral health care professionals in Finland

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