Pitching can be scary, but it’s only because you might not have the right tools. An expert reveals her secret.

Yikes, I do not like to talk about myself. So why did I sign up to Biliana Vassileva’s Pitch yourself with confidence workshop?

Because I wanted to learn how to confidently do something I don’t like or feel I’m good at. As a freelancer, I am my own brand and that’s why it’s non-negotiable to do some selling from time to time, too.

Two hours with Biliana changed my view on pitching. After all, it’s just a skill like anything else, that you can practice to master. Here are my main takeaways from the workshop:

  1. Don’t start with your name and title
    This one was personally very hard for me! How could I not start with “Hi, I’m Pauliina, I’m a freelance communications specialist” or “I have a degree in communications”. But the secret is this: nobody really cares about your job title, no matter how fancy it is. Studies revealed that most people don’t even remember it once you’ve finished.
  2. But say instead, who you help and how
    Instead of your name and job title, people care about what you can do for them. So that’s the way I should have started my pitch: “I help beginning entrepreneurs figure out what their company’s core story is and how communicating it clearly helps them improve sales and foster customer relationships.”
  3. Finish with a clear ask
    At the end of my pitch, I should clearly state what I want: an email address, a LinkedIn connection, a newsletter subscription? I found this finish as hard as the beginning. However, when we practiced our pitches in the group, I saw how appealing a confident ask can be. I was so ready to give my email address, phone number, accept a LinkedIn invitation and participate in an event – without blinking an eye.

The good news is that Pitch yourself with confidence will be repeated on October 14th at Impact Hub Geneva. Find out more and join me – it was so good that I’m planning on going again!

Uplevel your social media game and never lose another follower to competition again.

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