Sharing your products and services should be a part of your content mix. With these 9 ideas you can do it without sounding like a salesperson.

Personal and professional content creation have one important difference. Do you know what it is?

Your business content should always be linked to your professional goals and strategies. You’re not communicating just for the fun of it (even though it is fun, I agree!), but all your content should support the other aspects of your company. 

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It doesn’t mean though that all your content should be about your product, services and their awesomeness. Quite the opposite!

These nine hand-crafted content ideas help you spread the word about your amazing offerings but keep you sounding like you’re selling ice to eskimos. 

1 – Teaser of a new product or service

When you have something exciting coming up, tease your audience about it for a few days before releasing it. It creates intrigue and gets them to the edge of their seats, even when you don’t mention the name of the offer.

2 – Client feedback

Share a client testimonial or a lovely message a customer has sent you. This highlights your products without you having to say a thing! Testimonials can be graphics, text posts, videos…

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3 – Client presentation

Another way to highlight your clients is to share a little about who they are and what they are working on. It also gives them visibility, which many of them appreciate.

4 – Did you know?

Share an interesting fact about your industry or line of products. If you have a line of natural beauty products, share information about natural ingredients and why they are better for your skin than traditional products, for example.

5 – D-I-Y

Make your followers’ life easier and share tips and tricks on how they can get more out of your services. How can they use your cosmetic products, for example, or create their own by using ingredients in their kitchen cupboard. 

6 – Share the background story

How and why did you decide to establish this particular business? Your origin story creates an organic link to your business. 

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7 – Problem – solution

Shed light on the problem that you are solving – and how it can be solved. This is a great opportunity to educate your audience about your unique approach to the problem at hand as well. 

8 – Behind the scenes

Share moments of your everyday life. A photo of you on your way to a meeting (if you have an expert-based business), an outfit of the day (if you are a lifestyle entrepreneur), your coffee break with a good book (a good match for coaches, for example).

9 – Product introduction

It’s okay to share posts about specific products and services. Just keep the balance in mind: there should be more non-promotional content than promotional. The same work on a bigger scale: Throughout the year it’s normal to have more promotion-heavy periods, when you’re launching something new, for example. Just schedule enough of promo-free time between. 

Which one do you like the most and want to try first? Let me know in the comments or over at Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Whichever you choose, remember authenticity! Many of these ideas work best if you don’t even mention the products or services themselves. Create an organic link and trust in your audience that they will figure out the rest.

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