There are times when the best writing comes from somebody else’s pen. But asking for help can be difficult! Here are 8 questions and answers that can help to find the perfect copywriter for you and to manage the process elegantly.

Last week, we discussed if hiring a copywriter might be a solution for you. If you landed on a ‘yes’, you might still find yourself asking some questions. I get it! It’s not easy to ask for help and hand your business baby to somebody else’s arms. That’s why I’ve gathered the most common questions about hiring a copywriter and searched the answers for you.

Here you go!

I’m a one woman show, and it feels way too personal to ask someone else to write my website copy. How can I make sure I like their writing?

It’s normal to feel unsure when your asking for help for the first time. Check the websites of a few candidates to see if you like their styles. Many copywriters have a portfolio on their site, but you can also ask for more samples to make sure their writing meets your needs.

Can I ask a copywriter to do a free test run?

You can try to negotiate a free test run, but not all the copywriters will accept. Writing a test version takes as much time as the actual work. A better idea might be to hand out a small part of the work first and see if you’re a match. If you need a massive website copy rewrite, ask someone to only rewrite one small part – and then, if you like working with them, hand over the whole site.

What is a good brief like? What information does the writer need?

Hiring someone for help usually works out best when you know what you want. Sit down with yourself and define the following things: what is the topic and the point of view, how long a text do you need, what is the style like and when do you need it by? 

It is also very helpful for the writer to see examples of the texts you like. The more information they have, the better the chances are that the text will please you.

How long does the copywriter need?

It depends a lot on their workload, but usually a turn-around time for shorter texts extends from a few days to one week. If you have a tight schedule, be clear about that with the writer, so it won’t come as a surprise.

I don’t like the copy that I received. Can I ask for changes?

Of course! I always welcome clients’ feedback and adjustment requests. However, I also recommend to agree in advance on how many rounds of corrections are included in the budget. One or two rounds is often more than enough, if your initial brief is clear. 

Do I need a written contract?

It’s not mandatory, but it’s a very good idea! At least confirm all the details via email to avoid misunderstandings. Your agreement should include at minimum the brief, deadlines, correction rounds and copyrights.

Can I work with several freelancers in parallel?

Yes. In the beginning it may be a good idea to try out working with different people to find the right match. On the other hand, if you work with the same person for a longer period of time, he or she will learn your style and be able to write better texts for you. You can also try to negotiate preferential prices for longer contracts. 

Where do I find talented copy writers?

You’ve got one right here, just a video call away 🙂 Asking for recommendations is also a very good way to find someone who suits your needs.

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