Small business owners wait too long before asking for help. But when is it a good moment to hire a copywriter – and when is it not? Here’s my take on the topic.

YES. When you already know what you want. Maybe you’ve drafted some versions yourself, you know your brand’s story and values and what you want to tell – but the words just don’t vibe and the outcome doesn’t please you. A copywriter can quickly get a grasp of your ideas and formulate it exactly the way you would have wanted but did not know how to.

YES. When you need sales copy but are not a professional marketing copywriter yourself. An experienced sales copywriter can work miracles on your business and you can quickly see a return on investment.

YES. When you already have an established business, a certain well-defined style and can’t keep up with all the content creation yourself. In this case it is good to ask for help for your blog writing for example, so that you can put all your energy into business development.

NO. If you’re not sure of what you need exactly. If you can’t express your ideas clearly, chances are, your copywriter doesn’t know what to do, and time and money will be spent on endless iterations.

NO. If your style or topic is so personal that it would be very hard to mimic.

MAYBE. When you need help but your area of expertise is so specific you’re afraid of not being able to find anyone who understands it well enough. At least give yourself more time if you need a copywriter with specific expertise.

MAYBE. When you are not sure, try out some lighter options. Ask someone to proofread your text (more on that topic in this  post here -give link) or even edit it a little bit. It can be a good first step to finding out if you’re a match.

Next week we’ll dive deeper into the topic and I’ll share my tips on how to successfully hire a copywriter. If you have any question on the topic, send them my way and I’ll do my best to address them.

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