Time to settle the dispute: Is a LinkedIn Company profile worth the trouble for a small business, consultant or professional?

LinkedIn business profiles are on the rise: in the spring of 2024, over 67 million registered companies were present on the platform. 

The growth rate is mind-blowing, as at the end of 2023, the reported number was 58 million.

The volume of the profiles and the rate of growth raises the question in many business owners and even independent consultants’ heads: Should I create a company profile on LinkedIn for my endeavour?

The stakes are the usual: A brand new LinkedIn business page would bring new tools to a brand’s communication toolkit and help land new clients, supporters and followers. Maybe this is the next big thing that you can get on before everyone else does to boost your business and career. 

And then, on the other side… 

Taking care of a new channel, even inside a platform you know and use well, is like having a puppy: It requires care, attention and toilet training before you can fully enjoy a proverbial trip to the park (e.g.  business success and career growth). 

What makes the decision even harder is that the platform itself and its users’ behaviours change rapidly, so keeping up is hard – and if you never try something new, you’re sure to stagnate. 

Skip over the frustrating phase of going back-and-forth inside your head and take this quiz to find out whether a LinkedIn business profile is a treasure or a trouble for you and your team!

And what to do once you have the page…?

Check this training for practical advice on how to start and keep building thought-leadership on Linkedin, whether via a personal profile or a business one! 

Uplevel your social media game and never lose another follower to competition again.

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