Create a professional website with these six elements you absolutely need.

Creating a website and setting up a few social media platforms are usually the first steps when launching a new business. 

When working on a tight budget, many business owners set to the writing task on their own. If that’s you, you might be wondering what to write, where to start and how to make sure your site draws the attention of your future clients.

To make that writing task easier and quicker for you, I narrowed the website essentials for small businesses to six things. These six pages and elements get you started – then you can always add more features later.

1 – Welcoming front page

Website copywriting starts from the front page. This is the single most important page on your site, because it has the power to either guide people further or send them away. 

Make sure your home page is clear and guides different target groups to the services or products that are tailored for their needs. Remember to speak more about them than about yourself.

The front page copy doesn’t need to be long. Simple and inviting is better than long and complicated. 

2 – About Me page that highlights your value

Add a page or a section about you or your company. This piece is your chance to tell your audience how you’re special, which your values are and how you can help them. This is a good place to show your personality and share more about your why.

Even though this part is about you, keep the focus on your audience: how your experience, skill set or background story help your future clients.

To get started, download the About Me Page template that helps you structure your story.

3 – Offer page to drive sales

In addition to welcoming clients on the front page and telling your story, you need one page about your products, services or offers. 

If you have a shop on your site, this is a clear one, but even if you offer a service, dedicate one page to explain your offering and approach. 

To keep things simple, outline the main options and explain how your approach is unique. You don’t need a long landing page, just something simple to give your audience an idea of different services and the results they can expect from you.

4 – Regularly updated content

Some entrepreneurs are adamant of one thing: They don’t want a blog on their website.

I give you my permission, here and now: You don’t need a blog.

But! You do need some regularly updated content on your site. It’s a good strategy to add value to your audience and keep them on your site longer, but it also helps with SEO. Search engines love sites that are updated regularly.

This doesn’t need to mean blogging though. If you have a podcast, release the new episodes also on your own site. If you have a YouTube channel, upload or embed videos on your site, too. 

5 – Clear Call-to-action

Throughout your website you need clear call-to-actions that tell people what you want them to do.

Focus on one thing that supports your business. Do you want people to sign up for your newsletter and drive them to your email sales funnel? Do you want them to book a call with you or maybe try a demo? 

Choose one and be consistent. Add a call-to-action at least once on every page.

You can choose the contact method according to your preferences. Personally, I like having my email address on my site because I find contact forms impersonal. On the other hand, contact forms have better spam filters and can be a great choice for businesses with large volumes of email.

6 – Legal bits & pieces

Before publishing your site, add the legal elements: privacy policy, impressum and terms and conditions.

Legal requirements vary from one country to another, so make sure to check the local requirements to stay out of trouble.

You can do this!

As difficult as writing about yourself might feel, sit down and get started today. Remember to keep your copy short and sweet and to focus on your clients and the benefits they get from working with you or buying your products.

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