Are you making communication resolutions for the new year? Pick your favourites from this list!

New Year’s Resolutions divide people: Some of us jump on this chance to tell ourselves that the new year will be the best one yet, and seize the opportunity to strive to be better, bigger and more successful. 

And others… Well, they might think that there’s no point in making resolutions because they won’t last past January 15th anyway. Some call them realistic, others pessimistic. 

For me, January is a great moment to evaluate what is working and what could work better, to set intentions and goals. Whether we’ll meet or exceed them or fall just a little bit shy – only December will be able to tell that. 

Join me in setting ambitious goals for business communication and content for the new year! Pick your favourites from different categories below. 

New Year’s Resolution: Create More & Better Content

  1. Plan a weekly recurring content series to make content creation quicker and easier. 
  2. Join my monthly Content Circle.
  3. Write a book. Ebooks count, too!
  4. Run a content series highlighting your team.
  5. Make testimonials and other ways to highlight your successes a part of your content plan.
  6. Add more humour to your content. Tell a joke!
  7. Take a two-week or a month-long break from publishing new content. 

New Year’s Resolution: Get More Organised

  1. Start building a content bank.
  2. Set up an editorial calendar or update an existing one. 
  3. Map out the campaigns for the year, or at least the first half of the year.
  4. Create a guest blogging plan to grow your audience. 
  5. Create a monthly content structure to speed up the content planning process. 
  6. Schedule a monthly content planning day for yourself or your team for the whole year. 
  7. Search for fresh content inspiration consistently, at least one a quarter. (You might want to schedule time for that too, to make it happen.)
  8. Schedule a repurpose day once every quarter and bank as much content as you can. 

New Year’s Resolution: Get More strategic

  1. Run a website & social media audit to ensure your message is consistent across platforms. 
  2. Join one webinar per month to acquire new skills and to learn to use new tools.
  3. Choose at least one webinar about a topic that is outside your current skill set or comfort zone.
  4. Create a skill development plan for your team – that pushes them outside their comfort zones. 
  5. Is your content performance tracking system up to date? If not, update it. If yes, celebrate. 
  6. Outsource one thing you’ve until now done yourself or in-house. 
  7. Run a content routine evaluation
  8. Create a monthly repurpose plan to leverage your best pieces of content. 
  9. Update your company website.
  10. Evaluate and update your calls-to-action.

New Year’s Resolution: Try New Things

  1. Start creating video content.
  2. Try out a completely new content format. (Some ideas in this blog: 52 Content Ideas for 2022.)
  3. Try out at least one new social media platform. 
  4. Close your company’s account at least on one social media platform. 
  5. Publish live videos for four weeks in a row, each week at the same time. 

What is your Communication Resolution for 2022? Let me and others know in the comments!

P.S. If your content calendar for the month seems empty, download my 10 best ideas below and make them yours. 

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