Your content calendar for 2022 is about to get filled up with blog, social media, audio and video ideas!

Fresh content marketing ideas won’t dry up in 2022 if it’s up to us!

Pick your favourites from these 52 ideas that cover blogs, social media, as well as audio and video material, without forgetting lead magnet inspiration!

If you think you’ve already tried it all, scroll to the bottom: there are some new ideas for you to try.

Brilliant Blog Ideas

  1. These things change in [Your Industry] in 2022 – New trends and what everyone should know about them.
  2. Reveal and explain a topic or approach many fail to understand about your industry (for example, 10 Things Everyone Should Know About SEO). 
  3. Present a client case study step by step. 
  4. Do’s and Don’ts of [Your Field].
  5. Address the most common misconceptions your clients have about your service and industry.
  6. Review and interpret a recent study in your field from your business’ perspective. 
  7. Step-by-step guide to get started with [Your Expertise, such as coaching, digital marketing, online lead generation]. 
  8. Address the most common mistakes your clients tend to make and a way to fix them. 
  9. Question and Answer post that addresses your followers’ most common worries and struggles. 
  10. Take a step back and highlight the importance of your field with a “Why” post (Why a well rounded LinkedIn profile is so important? Why does business coaching decrease the risk of failure for early-stage entrepreneurs? Why does the work environment need to be adjusted to remote and by grid conditions?)
  11. Share an argument for an unpopular opinion. 

Social Media Topics for Your Channels

  1. Interview your team to get their best tips and insights on a topical issue. 
  2. Sign up for the LinkedIn Live feature and plan a series of live interviews with industry experts. 
  3. Feature your team members one by one by having them answer a funny or personal question.
  4. Share a tool, app or resource relevant to your field. 
  5. Share a quote or a testimonial from a happy client. 
  6. Roll out a “Question of the Week” series where you answer the most common questions from your followers.
  7. Snap a behind the scenes photo or video from an event, client meeting or workshop. 
  8. Design an infographic.
  9. Tell a joke (a good one!)
  10. Share main takeaways from an event or a book.
  11. Give a shout-out to a mentor, a supporter or a guide who has inspired you on your professional journey. 
  12. Share a mistake or a lesson learned. 
  13. Share your back story and the why behind the business. 

Repurpose Tricks to Try

  1. Repurpose a podcast interview to an audiogram. 
  2. Create a poll on an upcoming blog topic to generate discussion and build anticipation. 
  3. Excerpt the key points of a blog post and turn them into a slide deck or a LinkedIn carousel. 
  4. Repost the most popular post of the year.
  5. Distill the discussion and insights from social media to a blog article (like Julie Zhuo does with Tweets and Medium articles).
  6. After publishing a blog post, article or a podcast episode, open a thread where people can ask questions about the topic. 
  7. Share your least popular blog post again so more people have a chance to see it.
  8. Pick a popular social media post and extend it into an article or audio guide. 

Lead Magnets

  1. Quiz that helps your clients understand their needs better. 
  2. Do-it-yourself audit or evaluation. 
  3. An ebook filled with ideas and inspiration.
  4. Video series. 
  5. A daily inspiration, tip or prompt sent via email every 14-30 days. 
  6. Mini online course. 

Ways To Approach Video and Audio

  1. Host Live Q&A sessions on your best social media platform. 
  2. Invite your clients to Live Sessions to share their experiences from working with you. 
  3. Share video testimonials instead of plain quotes. 
  4. Pick a tip or an insight from a blog post and record a short video about the topic. 
  5. Approach the video a little bit differently: instead of a regular “talking head” use text and graphics to convey your message. 
  6. Record a ‘Making Of’ video from the progress or outcomes of a big workshop or an event. 
  7. Record your blog in audio format for those who prefer listening on the go. 
  8. Record a short series of podcasts, for example 6-10 episodes. 
  9. Host a Clubhouse room. 
  10. Release an audio guide.

New Things to Try

  1. Open your website for guest blogs for experts from related fields. 
  2. Try out a social media platform that doesn’t seem to match your business at all – you might learn something new.
  3. Publish something you have never done before (a selfie on LinkedIn, a meme or a GIF).
  4. Turn your profile into a speed networking event by connecting other professionals in related fields.

How To Pick The Best Ideas?

Brainstorming and ideation is only phase one of the strategic content planning process. To pick the best ideas that grow your business and support your team in the optimal way, remember to align the selection with your channels, audience and business goals. 

If you want fresh ideas, need more support or just want to have more fun while planning, check out the Rock Your Content 2022 workshop on January 27, at 9:30-12:30 CET.

In the workshop, we’ll work in a small group to update your content strategy and plan content for 2022 in just one morning. 

P.S. If the 52 ideas listed above weren’t enough, check my 10 favourites below!

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