Why do you need a business blog and how to get started? Our new blogging guide answers the most common questions.

1  Having a lifestyle blog is very different than having a blog for your company

There was a time when blogging literally exploded. All of a sudden, everyone seemed to have a blog – and in the next moment, many bloggers seemed to make a fortune just by sharing their style tips, travel picks, or cute dog videos.

However, having a blog for your business is very different from having a lifestyle blog. If you’re a blogger, your business model revolves around how many site visitors you can attract monthly. As an entrepreneur, your business model is to sell your products or services – and in this puzzle your blog’s role is to attract new, potential clients.

2 You only need to publish once a week

So, what does this mean? It means that you don’t need to obsess about your follower count so much. You don’t need to create new content daily. Weekly, or in some cases even once or twice a month can be enough. I usually recommend the weekly rhythm to make sure that your followers don’t forget about you, but especially in the beginning it’s better to start small and allow yourself some room to grow.

3 Short blog posts are okay

Again, having a blog doesn’t need to be an insurmountable challenge! It’s okay not to post everyday and it’s okay to post short texts! My blog posts are usually somewhere around 350 words – which means about one page on Google Docs. Sounds feasible, right?

4 But you do need one!

Ideally today. Having a blog attracts potential clients to your site and lets you showcase how you’re different and special. It’s among the best ways to share some of your greatest accomplishments and the work you’ve done for other clients.

5 Starting is easy

The best news of the day: starting a blog can be easy because my team put together this 10-step blogging checklist that every new entrepreneur needs. It takes you through the blog set-up process and helps you answer all the questions you might have on the way.

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