If you have a small team – or you’re a one (wo)man show, you need to be strategic about your communications resources. But how do you choose what to do and what not to do?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get when discussing strategy with my clients: If we don’t have resources to be present on all the channels and platforms we would like to be, how do we choose?

There are three main questions to ask yourself:

  1. Which channels do you like?
  2. Where do your clients hang out?
  3. What are your resources like?

Your own preferences are important because especially in the beginning, creating content takes time and commitment. If you don’t like the platform you’ve chosen, it will be hard to find the motivation to create fresh content regularly. 

Naturally, you need to take your customers’ preferences into account as well. Aim to find that sweet spot where you and your clients’ likes meet. 

Then the resources: if you’re a one (wo)man show with only occasional help, you need to choose well. I recommend a golden rule of 3:

one big content marketing project, such as blog, vlog or podcast


one social media channel



So, choose one big and one small – but how? Let’s find out!

Blog, vlog, or podcast?

With a “big content marketing channel” I’m referring to either a blog, vlog, or podcast. So basically a channel where you create free content regularly to provide added value to your existing and future clients.


  • Good for SEO
  • Natural choice for writers
  • Easier to outsource later, if you wish


  • Saturated market, hard to stand out


  • A great choice, if you sell a product or service that requires tutorials
  • Sharing videos on social platforms gets good visibility
  • Great way to brand yourself if you’re comfortable with being visible in your videos


  • Requires some technical knowledge in terms of lighting, sound and editing


  • Great for interviews
  • Good way to loyalize people: many listeners get hooked by one good episode and listen through all your production
  • Way to brand yourself without being everywhere with your face


  • Podcast listener counts rise slowly, on the other hand podcasts have a longer lifespan than some other channels

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Did this help to clarify things a little bit?

Next week we’ll talk more about social media and which platforms to choose there. Stay tuned, my friend!

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