Good job, your text is done! After publishing, you should take these five steps to make sure as many people as possible see your masterpiece.

We are coming to an end with our Become a Word Wizard series. During these last few months together, we’ve covered choosing the right platform, writing errors, finishing touches, and content planning. In this final part, we’ll discuss the next steps: what to do once your text is done.

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Don’t sit back for too long

Once you are done, it’s not the moment to sit back and relax – you want to keep on working to make sure as many people as possible will see your text. 

The good news is that you can simply follow this checklist! How many of these do you already use regularly?

1 Your own social media channels

I imagine this one goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyway. Share your content on your own personal channels as well as in your blog’s profiles. 


2 Newsletter

Hands up, who has already set up their newsletter? It’s a great way to nurture your tribe and make sure they don’t miss your latest piece of content. 

If sending an email out after every new blog post, you can group a few of your latest posts together and send a newsletter once a month, for example.

3 Social media groups

Sharing your latest posts in groups gets them in front of thousands of new pairs of eyes. But don’t exaggerate on this one: if you share all your posts on every single group you belong, it can seem spam-y. Share only relevant content that can really help people.

You can share older posts in discussions, too. Link a helpful blog post into your answer.

4 Email signature

Add a link to your latest post to your email signature. Free visibility with every sent email! Since many of the recipients already know you and trust you, they are more likely to click than complete strangers. 

5 Social share links

Make sharing easy by adding social share links at the end of the posts so your readers can help you with spreading the word.

6 “You might also be interested in…”

Use a feature that suggest further reading for your blog visitors. You can also add links to older content within your blog posts.

7 Social media – again

Who says you can only share one post on your social channels once? Reshare a recent post with a fresh angle or share an old one, which relates to current events.

If you’re a fan of LinkedIn, you can also publish your blog post as an article there.

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8 Web magazines & blog portals

Many portals like ‘Thrive’ allow you to publish your content there. This is a great way to go after a bigger audience and find new followers.

9 Guest blogging

Would your post serve as a guest blog post on somebody else’s blog? Don’t recycle the same post as it is, but really think about how you could provide added value to these readers. 

10 Paid promotions

From time to time a paid promotion can give that extra boost that you need to conquer the hearts of new followers. Be strategic, use A/B testing and promote on days and times that prove to be the most successful.

So here we are, at the end of the Word Wizard series! I’d love to know which part you have found to be the most useful or if you still have questions. Drop your questions and comments below or join the discussion on Facebook.

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