New series: How to become a real content wizard? Part 1: Choose the right platform for you.

Welcome to my new series on creating a digital communications and marketing strategy for your company. One that is easy to put together and that you can execute without paying a fortune or burning out.

I truly believe every solo-preneur and small business owner can – and even should – draft their strategy by themselves. You are very much your brand, your followers need to hear your voice and see your face. I can help you find your voice and decide which part of your face you want to show, but bottomline, it should be you, your values and your personality, that shines through all your communications and marketing.

That being said, let’s get to work.

First, we have some choices to make. Especially if you are just starting out, you can’t stretch yourself too thin. It is better to communicate in a consistent way and to distribute high quality content on one channel than copy-paste the same, half-hearted caption across all the possible platforms to enhance your visibility.

Is your passion writing, or do you love discussions with other people? Does being in front of the camera intimidate you, or are you really at home while talking to it? Writers probably enjoy blogging, talkers podcasting, and if the camera loves you, your way might be video blogging. Here you really have to go with your heart and let your passion lead the way. Creating consistent content week after week after week is not going to be easy – but it is feasible, if you choose your media right.

For me writing is where I feel at home. I can browse through databases of scientific research for hours to find the sources I need for my text but the idea of talking on the phone and recording the interviews is dreadful. When I’m in front of the camera, my voice becomes all nasal and weird, and there are just too many days I’m too lazy to put makeup on. This is why blogging is my platform of choice.

My recommendation is to start on your own homebase, ideally on your own website. It may be tempting to make your home on Youtube, if you’re a video blogger, or start on LinkedIn, if you aspire blogging about professional topics. Building up your homepage may feel too trying. But the advantage is that you will own your platform. You will not be at the mercy of algorithms and rules that the platform can change at any given moment. You will be in charge of the whole platform – and you direct your fans to a place where they can directly buy your products or services!

Coming up next month: Want to distribute your killer content? Here’s how to do it wisely on social media.

In the meantime, please go and take my Small business owners’ communications survey here and tell me which part of the strategy you struggle with. You can also share your pain points in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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