There is a 5-step method that brings you success – and I cracked the code by listening to podcasts.

I have a new addiction: I am completely, hopelessly, hooked on listening to podcasts of successful female entrepreneurs. I could spend hours listening to Marie Forleo, Julie Solomon, Amy Porterfield and Kris Plachy talk to female entrepreneurs and what makes them successful.

This is actually a very healthy addiction. It keeps me from strolling through Facebook on every possible train ride and gets me on my feet, out and running, because exercise is a great moment to treat myself to some podcast fun. And I feel so inspired after a moment with these ladies and their guests.

A great byproduct of this has been me figuring out the magic 5-step formula to becoming a successful female entrepreneur!

Firstly, they are passionate about what they do: their product, service, clients and industry. Often they have transformed a hobby into a job or a company. They do not necessarily think of money in the first place and in one way or another, they might do something similar even if they weren’t getting paid for it. Like the podcast host and the creator of the Influencer Academy Julie Solomon has said: as a curious person she would probably be asking questions anyway, so why not turn those questions into podcasts and share the wisdom with her listeners?

Secondly, they start before they are ready. It is so easy to procrastinate, wait for the perfect moment and tell ourselves that we’ll start right after this quarter, after this course is finished, once we have enough money… But like business development strategist Miara Shaw says, sometimes you have to grab your dreams with both hands when the moment presents itself. She found the moment to follow her dreams when she was fired from her day job.

Then there are struggles and obstacles. Everyone faces them, even the most wildly successful people you meet. It may not show on the surface, or it might be far enough in their past, but I assure you, it is there. Cheryl Strayed, the author in the international bestseller Wild, has talked about how she and her husband were struggling to pay rent while marketing her book Wild. What might seem like ultimate success from the outside – and it is! – might still include some struggle, obstacles and difficulties to overcome.

But successful people also come back from failure. And how does that happen? By getting up and showing up every day, taking those small steps that lead to their dreams coming true.

And here we come to the final particle of the magic formula: you have to hop off of the comparison train and focus on your own rails to success. If it seems to you that everyone else is getting what they want with a snap of the fingers, you are wrong. They probably just hide it better – or you don’t know them well enough.

Of course all of these wonderful women have tremendous talent and strategic skills. They understand business and marketing. But their success hasn’t fallen on them in one lucky stroke. It is the result of consistent hard work, of getting back up and onto the right track after countless errors, failures, and moments of heartbreak.

Where are you on your entrepreneurial journey? I’m probably somewhere around step 3: struggles and obstacles, hustling to make all this work. Share your story and tips in the comments below, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

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