You shouldn’t be present on all social channels. Here’s how to choose one(s) that are perfect for just you and your company.

Last week we started talking about strategy and how to decide where to be present. What did you decide?

Now we’ll have a look at social media and the pros and cons of the most used platforms:


  • Very popular, easy to reach a lot of people with wide demographics
  • Good for building closed groups to interact with your clients or followers
  • Good and affordable ad options


  • Hard to get visibility for organic content


  • A must for visual businesses
  • Good for engagement
  • A fun and easy channel to show a glimpse of your life “behind the scenes”


  • Creating high quality visual content needs a lot of resources


  • A good tool to connect with other business owners
  • Platform for B-to-B sales
  • A good place to build your own brand and visibility


  • Hard to gain visibility for company pages


  • Good for customer service
  • Good for interaction
  • Enables reacting quickly to current affairs


  • Needs constant surveillance and regular activity


  • Increases blog traffic for service-based businesses
  • Fun and visual
  • A growing network


  • Creating visuals takes resources

Now all you’ll have to do is make your choice. Remember: start small and let yourself grow. It’s better to create content consistently on one channel than manage several ones poorly.

As always, the discussion continues on LinkedIn. If you have any questions, drop me a message!

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