Focus on one or two social media channels instead of juggling all of them at the same time. Choose well – and pair them up well to boost your visibility.

Do you know what is the most common mistake I see beginning entrepreneurs make, when it comes to communication and content creation?

Sign up on all imaginable social media channels and with the hope for getting noticed. 

However, this is what happens most of the time: 

Option 1: They get exhausted trying to be everywhere at the same time.

Option 2: They don’t see the results they’ve been hoping for and give up.

Option 3: Both of the above.

Make a better choice

What to do instead? It’s hard to say “no” to some channels and the visibility they could bring your way. 

Think of it this way instead: It’s not about quantity, but quality. Creating quality content and, more importantly, quality connections with your followers, takes time and effort. Throwing content to your account a couple of times a week won’t be enough. In addition, you need to reply to comments, interact with your followers and also other groups and accounts, if you want to grow your following. 

All this takes time, and if you want to do it authentically (read: get results), your heart needs to be there too. That’s why I suggest you use one or two channels and focus on them. When you’ve got them running smoothly, it’s time to add more to the mix.

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Perfect matches for repurposing

If one channel isn’t enough for you, keep in mind two things:

  1. Try to repurpose your existing content as much as you can. It will save you a lot of time and headache.
  2. Choose channels that support one another. Each channel requires its own tone of voice and approach, so even when repurposing, keep that in mind.

Instagram <3 Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest both work well, if you have a lifestyle business and create visual content. Both are loved by bloggers and content creators, as well as business owners in the cosmetics and fashion industry. If creating beautiful photos or visuals is your zone of genius, amplify your reach by pairing these two channels up.

Keep in mind! 

Both channels favor beautiful content – but in very different formats.  Instagram loves horizontal photos or squares, where Pinterest prefers rectangles that are taller than they are wide. Your best strategy is to create a similar – but separate – visuals for both platforms.

Pinterest <3 Twitter

Pinterest is not the perfect channel only for visual content creators, it can be a real lead magnet to expert-based businesses as well. Create eye-catching visuals of your 100 % clickable blog or podcasts titles and funnel people to your site. 

This strategy works both on Pinterest and Twitter. People see the interesting title and they can’t help but click to find out more. 

Keep in mind! 

Your audience can be different on these two channels, so make sure to adjust your vocabulary and call to actions to make them relevant. Remember also that Pinterest is a search engine on its own, so you may need to adjust your keyword strategy to gain traction. 

Twitter <3 LinkedIn

Twitter is a good place to share your latest content, but also to participate in active discussions. Another good platform for the latter: LinkedIn!

These two might seem like unlikely best friends, because they are so different: In Twitter, a discussion is typically over in less than 20 minutes. On LinkedIn, a good exchange of thoughts that  can last for days. Twitter is concise, LinkedIn is lengthy. 

However, you can leverage these differences to share your expertise and opinion wider. For example: if you share an article on LinkedIn and a link to it via Twitter at the same time, the discussion will be heated on Twitter only for a half an hour or so but at that point, it’s only getting started on LinkedIn! 

Keep in mind! 

Remember to share your evergreen content regularly! Don’t only share it on your Twitter account once but remind people of it every now and again to maximize your visibility. 

LinkedIn <3 Facebook

The downside of LinkedIn is that it can be slow to gain visibility and engagement at first. Keep sharing your content consistently, and the rest will follow. 

In the meantime, to get more likes, shares and comments.Try and share a shorter version of your article on Facebook. Facebook’s user base is wide and most of us use it for our personal reasons, so it can be a good way to let people in your network know about your business in the beginning.

Keep in mind!

If you’re struggling with getting visibility for your business page, share all your content via your personal profile as well. 

Facebook <3 Instagram

This is probably the most common – and the easiest – pairing. Even the exact same photo works on both platforms and it’s easy to automate the repost by linking your accounts. This can be a nice choice if you want to use Facebook for the amazing group features and your main social channel is Instagram. This way you can populate your Facebook feed as well, which supports your group building activities. 

Keep in mind!

Be careful with the tone of voice, because if your tone is off your message seems inauthentic, and it will decrease your engagement. Usually it’s better to create new content less frequently but of higher quality than the other way around.

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