Your 4-step plan to move on after a crisis & the best practices to take with you.

Listen to the fourth part of “The Comms Cure to Covid-19” below.

We’ve all seen this happening: when the pandemic grew bigger and came closer, the flood of information stormed in. Tips on working from home, managing home schooling, onboarding new team members remotely, boosting your immune system… Even on communication during the crisis, right?

While being very necessary, at some point you start to grow weary of it and want to chat about something else. And this happens to your audience as well! So, no matter how deep the crisis, there is a moment you need to start talking about something else. 

In this last part of our audio guide series “The Comms Cure to Covid-19” you’ll learn:

  • How to adapt your communication plan which was drafted prior to the crisis
  • The exact steps to take to come back if your normal posting rhythm has suffered
  • How to strike a balance between crisis communication and other topics
  • The best practices to take with you after the crisis

Below you can download a pdf checklist that helps you put the plan in action.

Listen to the final part below or download it for later. (Download opens in a new tab. Click on “Download”, and on the new tab, left-click on the audio file and save the file.)

Don’t forget to download the tip sheet as well for actionable tools and tactics, and start taking action today.

In case you missed the previous parts…

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