How to communicate about Covid-19 – or just coronavirus among family and friends – to keep your clients posted and your business flourishing? New content series is here!

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How to communicate about Covid-19, more familiarly known as coronavirus, in your business? Maybe you’re directly affected and you have to close your business or move it online. Or maybe you’re lucky and can keep working as usual. Whichever the situation, the first step is to let your audience know.

There is plenty of misinformation and false rumors circulating right now. So whatever is happening – or not! – in your business, you need to show up and give people real information. However, many small businesses are struggling at this moment, because they don’t know what to tell their followers and how. What is too much? What is not enough? How to communicate negative news, and do we have the right to talk about something else for a change? Should I make aggressive promotions to benefit from the situation or just hide and be quiet until the storm passes?

To answer these questions (and many more), I’ve put together a 4-part audio guide that walks you through this uncertain situation. Together we’ll transform overwhelm into clarity and make these hard times a win for both you and your clients. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into Part 1! It will cover the basic principles of crisis communication and reveal 3 strategies on how to communicate when you don’t actually have any answers yourself.

Listen or download part one of the audio guide as well as the tip sheet that outlines the most important tips.

Remember that information without implementation is obsolete, so start taking action today. What is your first step? Share in comments below or on social media.

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