Hey there, thanks for stopping by! I’m honored to have you visit under my roof.

I’m Pauliina, with 2 ‘I’s. Native Scandinavian, based in Geneva, Switzerland for 7 years now, and still struggling daily with people dropping half of the double vowel in my name without asking permission.

So I thought I’d turn it around and build an empire around that double  “I”.

Which brings me to why I’m here today – publishing this very first blog post on my site. I want to share my story with you and I hope some bits of it can help you in case you are struggling with similar problems like me (double vowel related or not).

I am a communications entrepreneur, a mom, a foreigner in Switzerland and in love with the country. If you are interested in my professional background or services, please feel free to have a look at my site. Here, under Pauliina With 2 “I”s  is where I’ll certainly share comms advice with you, but also tips and tricks for entrepreneur life, balancing work and personal life, taking care of yourself and also: how to find your own, unique way among truckloads of different techniques and programs, apps, and solutions.

When you feel overwhelmed, I’ll be by your side. Let’s take that next step together.

I would also really like to know, what your story is. How did you become an entrepreneur? Share your experience in the comments below, on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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