I never skip my three weekly exercise sessions – except when I’m sick – and now I’m telling you why you shouldn’t either.

Actually, exercising regularly has a very high ROI in the long run. If you take three hours of your busy schedule (I know your calendar gets overloaded, mine too), you can see the following effects that actually bring money to the table:

1. You become more productive

A Danish study showed that even one hour of physical activity weekly improved productivity (and of course you’ll be in  better shape, too). So that hour taken for sports will be compensated by getting more done with the rest of your day.

2. Your memory sharpens

Regular exercise really changes your brain. It stimulates the release of growth factors, and thus affects the health of brain cells and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. Certain parts of the brain even seem to be bigger with people who exercise regularly.

3. You feel better in general

Exercise also improves mood and sleep and reduces stress and anxiety. So less time spent feeling miserable and overall bad = more hours of productive work time.

4. You stay healthier

People who make time for sports, are healthier than their more passive counterparts. Simply stated: less sick-days (which, for entrepreneurs often means less days working from your bed when you really should be resting but you can’t).

There is really no secret to it.

Well, that’s it for theory. Want to know how I manage to find time for sports in between work, mummyhood, taking care of home and all the everyday hassle of kid’s sick-days, birthday presents to buy, and holidays to book?

There is no secret really. I sit down once a week and schedule time in my calendar. My gym / jogging / pilates time is a non-negotiable meeting with myself. That’s the only way I get it done.

Want to share your secret with me? Drop your comment below or continue the discussion on Facebook or Twitter. I would love to learn new tricks on how to cheat myself into exercising!

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