Do you want to grow your business through content – without spending any more time on writing? This is how the trick is done.

Does your content help you grow your business?

If you’re nodding your head right now, congratulations! 

But if you’re not sure or your answer is a blunt no, keep reading. There is one common reason why content marketing isn’t giving your business the results it deserves.

The reason why your content falls flat

When I speak with entrepreneurs about content creation, many of them worry that maybe their content is not of good quality. 

Often, the quality isn’t the problem however: the social media posts and blogs they create reflect their values, highlight their unique selling points and have a personal tone of voice.

Still it falls flat time after time.

Maybe the problem is in the quantity, then? Should you create new content more frequently?

That’s not the problem either. 

Instead of always pushing new content out there, many small businesses could get better results by creating less content but focusing on promoting it more consistently and strategically.

Does your audience see your content?

Think about how much time you spend on content creation. An hour every day? Half a day per week or even a full day?

And then, how much time do you spend on getting that content in front of the right people? Maybe you publish it on your social media channels and drop the link in a few social media discussions. 

Then both you and your audience forget about it, and there remainsa huge part of your audience who never even saw it in the first place.

Shift the focus and get better results

Now think about for a while what it would look like for your business, if you could increase the reach of each post by 20 percent, 50 percent or maybe even double it?

Would it mean more leads, more newsletter subscribers, more sales calls, more sales at the end?

However, many entrepreneurs spend much more time on content creation than actually marketing the outcome of that hard work. 

If you track your time, look at this creation – promotion ratio and then nudge it into the other direction even just a little bit. The easiest way to do this is to create less content and spend that time directly into sharing your existing content.

Try out these ideas

Here are some ideas on how to spend that extra time that just freed up:

If you’re used to publishing a new blog post weekly, you could create a fresh post only every other week and share an evergreen post with the same frequency. Your audience will get their weekly dose and your older posts get the visibility they deserve, too.

You can also have a look at your most popular blogs and social posts and schedule them to be reshared regularly, for example every three months. A big chunk of your content is now created, automatically!

If you have a lead magnet that gets people on your email list, make sure to share it regularly, too. Use both your own channels and groups and discussions to spread the word.

But… Can I do that?

At this point someone usually asks “Won’t that turn my audience away? Talking about the same things over and over again?”

No, it won’t. First of all, there will always be new followers in your audience, and not even all the old ones have read your every post.

Those who remember the blog post will likely be happy to refresh their knowledge, or they can simply  skip it.

Eventually, talking about the same themes regularly strengthens your position as an expert and people start automatically connecting you with your area of expertise. 

Finally, spending more time on promoting your content doesn’t mean you abandon all fresh ideas altogether. You will still create new content as well – while making sure it will help you grow your business and turn your vision into reality.


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