Turning content into clients is not down to any one factor. Turn these three keys simultaneously to unlock content success.

What is the key to content marketing success?

This is, in one form or another, the core question my clients come to talk to me about. 

How can I win more clients through writing a blog?

Can email marketing generate consistent business results?

Is it possible to build a profitable business on LinkedIn communities and content?

Through my work with entrepreneurs, professionals and communications teams, I’ve identified three keys to unlocking content and communication success. 

If you’re not happy with your content marketing results, then chances are one of the keys is missing or is a little bit rusty. The secret is to turn all three more or less simultaneously to achieve lasting results.

Content Marketing Success Key N°1: Power

The first key to content marketing success is Power. 

You need a message that lands in the heads and hearts of the people you’re trying to reach. Even more: it needs to spring them to action. 

A powerful message is the backbone of all business communications and content. Any algorithmic gimmick, clever wording or viral meme won’t grow your business if your message doesn’t resonate with the right people. 

Ask yourself what you and your brand have to say that interests and benefits the people whose attention you want to reach. How can you help them in a meaningful and authentic way?

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Content Marketing Success Key N°2: Volume

The second key to content marketing success is Volume. 

A meaningful, interesting message is one thing, but it’s only going to turn into business when enough of the right people hear it – and they hear it often enough. When your message resonates but you’re still not seeing the results you would hope to see, take a look at the size of your community. 

How many people should you have then in your social media audience or on your email list to make steady business?

There’s not one right answer to the question, but usually, an email list turns monetizable around 1000 subscribers. On social media, it’s hard to gain meaningful traction with an audience smaller than 1000-2000 people because algorithms favour volume. 

On quickly growing platforms, such as LinkedIn and Instagram, the competition has increased dramatically over the past 12-18 months. This means that what constituted a good-sized audience two years ago might not perform as well anymore. 

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Content Marketing Success Key N°3: Momentum

Now you know what to say and how to spread your message so that enough of the right people hear it. Aren’t we on our way to success yet?

Not quite. There’s one more element to check off the list before enjoying the fruit of content marketing success: Momentum.

Put simply: You’ll need to get your message out often enough, and for a long enough period of time, so that the right people can hear it several times. The old adage goes that people need to hear your message at least seven times before taking action.

In times of high content saturation, the number of touch points has probably only increased.

The basic concept hasn’t changed though: not every member of your audience is ready to buy at any given moment, and creating consistent touch points will give them time to move through their journey at their own pace.

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Three Keys To Unlock Content Success

It’s at the crossroads of these three factors: Power, Volume and Momentum, that content can thrive and start turning into clients. 

Turning these three keys in the lock at the same time creates a ripple effect that can, over time, turn into a steady client stream. Later on, optimising those leads will strengthen the business even more, but the foundations need to be strong to get to that point.

Where are you on your journey?

Have you identified one or two keys to derust and locks to grease? Here are suggested actions for three different situations.

Do This To Unlock Your Content Success

…When you’re not sure which elements to work on:

If you’re still not sure which key is the problem, check out this 10-point social media audit. You can implement the advice to all your content channels to pinpoint which area to start with!

…When you want to strengthen the weak link:

Once you know with absolute clarity, which element needs work next, create a step-by-step game plan. For tailored advice, schedule your Complimentary Content Strategy Call so we can discuss the next steps 1:1.

…When you want to turn insights into implementation

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