6 months in a fixed job – and back to freelancing. Why does it feel so good?

I recently finished a 6-month part-time contract, out of my own will, to go back to freelancing and my own business full time. And it feels good – in spite of the loss of regular income. Why?

I enjoyed being part of a team, sharing the daily struggles and triumphs with other people, as well as informal coffee chats and impromptu lunches. The project was only part-time, so I still had time for my ongoing freelance gigs as well.

Still, when the months passed, I started feeling that I never had enough time for things that were essential to my business. Usually, on my agenda, there are lighter weeks and busier weeks, but with one big part-time project there were only tight weeks, tighter weeks and impossible ones. 

I’m happy I took the job – and I’m happy I left, because it taught me so much about myself and about my way of working:

I learned that I have a deep passion for entrepreneurship. I do want to pursue and build my own dreams, not somebody else’s.

I learned that working for goals determined by someone else does not motivate me. I need to be able to define my goals and a way of getting there myself. Then I won’t count hours or ration out my efforts.

I learned that financial stability doesn’t compensate for lack of independence and for an overflowing schedule. 

I learned that I want to work with a lot of different clients and on different projects and that variety keeps me going. 

And most importantly, I learned that trying new things that don’t work doesn’t mean I failed. Now I know I can close that door with a smile on my face and head towards new challenges. 

What do you love about being an entrepreneur, and what would it take for you to leave your own business and go work for someone else?

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