Content prompts tackle a creative block, to improve the quality of your content and help you create even more. Here’s how to make most of them. 

I know what I want to write about but it’s really hard to get started! Time pressure does all but help.

This and different variations of the theme are one of the most common questions I get from my clients and followers. While I often talk about how well set routines and thought-through strategies help, sometimes you need more practical and quicker ways to untangle the creative knots. 

Something that works right now and gets imminent results. 

Enter: Content prompts.

What are content prompts?

Content prompts are questions to answer, sentences to complete or thoughts that are supposed to provoke you to think differently, create more content or just make the process easier. 

Often they are referred to as writing prompts, but they can naturally be used for all content types.

Instead of writing your answers, you can verbalize them to a recorder, or draw as notes if you’re a visual person.

How to use prompts?

The prompts can be used in different ways. Here are three common ones:

  • Break through creative blocks. 

If getting started with content creation is hard, picking one prompt and writing freely about that can help you get the creative juices flowing. In this case, the content is not created to be published and you can even throw it away after you’re finished. The most important thing is to launch the creative process. 

  • Fine-tune your ideas.

Prompts can also work to fine-tune and develop your best ideas. Go through the material that your free flow round generated and see if it brings up any content ideas you would like to explore further. Use these themes as follow-up prompts to help you dive deeper into your clients’ pain points or strategies you’d like to share with them.

  • Create content to be published. 

All these prompts can also lead to a piece of content you’ll actually publish. When you work on releasable content, remember to keep your client at the center of your attention. Usually this requires two or three finalisation rounds. 

5 Prompts to Get Started With

Prompts can really cover anything. Sometimes it’s liberating to use topics that have nothing to do with your work or business, but focusing on business-related content usually works best, strategically-speaking. 

Try out any of these five examples to get started:

  1. Where were you when you got the idea for your most recent product, launch or service?
  2. Which part of your clients’ stories really breaks your heart?
  3. If you could have your clients understand one thing about your service or product, what would that be?
  4. If time and money weren’t an issue, what would your next business step be?
  5. What is the best client service experience you have ever had?

Next step: Get Started

One great thing about content prompts is that using them is very unscientific. 

This is not something you need to fine-tune forever: Just choose one and get started. Two minutes later you can have a solid idea for your next piece of content, or at least you have some works or drawings on paper or recorder.

I hope you enjoy both the prompts and the creative process!

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