When you only have time for one… or five articles, read these readers’ favourites from 2022 and implement them in your communication in 2023!

December is a great time of the year to take a look at your analytics – even if you didn’t give them a glance the other eleven months of the year. (If that’s you, these 10 questions will get you started).

In addition to all the facts and figures, I like to have a look at which articles have performed well. 

The analytics nerd that I am, I couldn’t resist taking a peek at this year’s blog analytics to see which topics had performed the best. 

And here come the five winners from this year’s articles!

This is also my end-of-year gift to you: if you don’t have time for a half-day content strategy session, read these posts and implement at least one tip from each. Your content marketing will be much better placed to rock your business in 2023. 

5: Websites – From Good to Great in 2 Hours

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing and communications: a modern day phone central that guides future clients, loyal followers and admirers to the right place swiftly and gracefully. 

But is your site optimised for your business? This checklist walks you through the process of updating your business website in only two hours.

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4: Secrets of a Strong Social Media Presence

Once your website is in order, it’s time to focus on your social media. 

Digital Presence Audits I’ve been conducting this year and the last showed me that there’s a common pattern many businesses and organisations follow on their social media. 

Fixing these six things clarifies your message and allows your account to stand out from the competition on saturated social platforms. 

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3: Email Marketing that Doesn’t Annoy Your Followers

One thing I always tell my clients to consider as early as possible is email marketing. 


Because when done right, it has much more sales potential than social media. 

In this article I present three real-life examples of very different email marketing strategies. Get inspired and pick one that works the best for your brand!

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2: Apps that Speed up Your Content Creation

If you read and implement some advice from the article above, you’re well on your way to effective content marketing. 

Why not speed up the process by choosing a few tools that can take your content marketing to a whole new level?

This blog lists seven tools that have been my clients’ favourites (as well as mine) in 2022. Maybe you’ll find your new favourite there, too?

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First Place: Conduct a digital presence audit

If you’ve followed even some of the advice above, your content marketing assets are in great shape to face the new year. 

One last reminder: remember to audit your channels and content at regular intervals – ideally every 6-12 months.

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5 Steps to Succeed with Content Marketing

Funny observation – when you reverse the order of popularity, these articles form an almost-perfect pathway to effective content marketing: 

  1. Set up your website
  2. Create a solid, personal social media brand
  3. Throw some email marketing in the mix
  4. Pick the right tools to speed up the process
  5. Audit your communications regularly to stay on track

Following this path, you’re sure to make a strong impression and grow your audience, and through that, your business. 

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